A Special Project

We are super excited to present to you our special new project titled, “Starfall Symphony. We gathered some of the most talented and well known lofi artists together to bring a unique vibe around the stars that is more than just a simple compilation.
 Some of these tracks have been filmed to create an even more amazing experience.

October 12th

Project Teaser

October 19th

Project AER

October 26th

HoKø & Lucie Cravero

November 2nd

Yoann Garel & Aphrow

November 9th

ease. & WYS

November 16th

C4C & Project AER

November 23rd

Stuffed Tomato, MrNiceCream & Josie

November 30th

t.Stratt, Stuffed Tomato

December 14th

Stay Tuned

Starfall Symphony Full Compilation

December 18th

However, to ease the wait, you can check out our recent videos that may be related to this project